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MTP Starter Cadet Pack Graded Used. (Grade 1 used )


All the MTP (MULTI TERIAN PATTERN) "greens" set a cadet will need to start.

One trouser, One shirt, One jacket (parka), Two T-shirts. Belt, twists and socks. all Grade one used.
All are MTP Current issue used graded uniform.

**No this set does not include any boots or shoes or hats**. you can select those separately and get a 10% cadet discount. Call and ask about your child’s kit needs and sizes.

These are only made for adults, so we require that you bring the cadet to the store for fitting and that you adjust expectations. We help teach and fit them with your permission and attendance.
We will not deal with a minor without your attendance  in the case of a first time purchase of any cadet kit item. We will require 45 mins of your time for best results. last cadet seen is 4;45pm daily

*Grade 1 means; worn and used with signs of wear and tear. If you require new its more expensive and not included in the pack! New is subject to availability !
If you plan to buy these online its down to you , but we advise against it due to fitting issues that might arise. however if you know your exact Nato/MoD Size then thats great.
be aware that you might need to adjsut expectations or tailor the items further for best fit.call us for clarification we do not mind helping you .01708524915

In general if you order a SMALL you will be getting a small adult size. this applies to medium and large too.
with some know how and adjusting expectations this often works for the cadets nationwide 95% of the time .lets discuss sizes before you order .

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