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Size Guide

Size guide


The sizing system on British Military items are a little different than what you might be  used to. This is because they are listed in a NATO size.


What is a NATO size?

A NATO size is a group of numbers displayed on the label, these numbers are displayed in particular format depending on if the item is a jacket or a pair of trousers, whichever the item you are looking at, these numbers will always be in CM.


NATO Size for Jackets/Smocks and Shirts

The format used for these items are mostly Overall Height/Chest size in CM. An Example can be found below;

Size 170/96

The overall height for this item would be 170 CM (approximately) and the chest size would be 96 CM (approximately)


NATO Sizes for Trousers

The format for these items are mostly Leg length/Waist/seat in CM. An example can be found below.

Size: 80/88/104

The Leg length would be 80 CM (approximately), The Waist length would be 88 CM (approximately) and the Seat length is 104 CM (approximately)


What Size is right for you?

When selecting a size for yourself, it is important to know your approximate size in CM depending on which item you are looking at. If you are wondering which size would fit best for a Jacket or a Smock then it is important to know your overall height and chest size in CM. For example, if you are approximately 178 CM tall and have a chest size of 102 CM, The best size would be 180/104 as this would be the closest size to those measurements. We take no responsibility for your size as we are not there to measure you, it is up to you to get it right.


The Fitting of military items

These items are generous in fitting as they are designed for combat scenarios. They are NOT slim fitting or made to your exact size.



If you've got any questions about size, or want anything clarified please do not hesitate to contact us.










size guide


220=4 UK

225=4.5 UK

230=5 UK

235=5.5 UK

240=6 UK

245=6.5 UK

250=7 UK

255=7.5 UK

260=8 UK

265=8.5 UK

270=9 UK

275=9.5 UK

You got a question about size and or grade ? We have the answers , Please call us before you order ,we would love to help explain it all. 01708524915


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