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Aaron's Surplus Army & Navy ltd.

A specialist in Genuine Millitary gear.

Tactical & Practical




Your startutory rights are not affected.


Refund and returns policy .(Revised 1/1/2020)


We do not offer a refund on any items purchased from us(store purchase) after 7 working days. All purchases are final after 7 working days (In store) *This does not apply to DSR SALES. REFER TO ONLINE SALES BELOW.

Returns Policy and Refunds are subject to the following;


If you need to return an item BY POST please contact us first so that we can make the appropriate preparations to exchange, refund or repair the item depending on each case and merits.

We advise that all returns to us are dispatched via  

a signature/tracked on arrival service if sending by mail.


Contacting us and waiting a period greater than 7 days will nullify the refund .

*In all cases items must be returned ,New in package and original labels .It cant be used ,abused and or tried by wearing it for a protracted period other than a test fit ,if you want a cash refund return it as you bought it in the original condition.


We will not offer a refund if you just decide to change your mind post 7 working days and in any contrary condition to the stipulated terms.


We do not offer refunds on "USED OR SURPLUS GRADED" items ,you are buying them as USED SURPLUS GRADED ITEMS We will exchange for size,style,reasonable Defect contentions within 7 working days on all used and graded items . All used items sold are final after 7 working days. Please inspect and select carefuly before purchasing surplus used graded items.


Online sales.

In accordance with Consumer Protection (DSR) Distance Selling Regulations, the consumer has the right to cancel within 7 working days (cooling off period) for most goods and services. This period runs from the day the contract was concluded for services, and from the day after the delivery of goods. Please be aware that this right does not apply to certain items such as personalised products and perishable goods. All goods must be returned to us and reasonable care must be taken that we recieve the goods and they are not damaged in transit.


In order to cancel written notice must be given in writing or by email.

Where a contract is cancelled after the cooling off period, the consumer must ensure that reasonable care is taken of any goods received. When the item arrives back with us, we will issue a refund to the value of the product, excluding any delivery charges. The goods must be un-used and in original sent condition we will review the condition of the goods before issuing a refund or replacement and we will contact you if the claim is in any doubt.



Defective or faulty items

If you are returning a product due to a defect, 30 DAY LIMIT FROM DATE OF PURCHASE, then in the first instance we will offer a repair or replacement. Only when a repair or replacement can not be undertaken shall we issue a refund.The item will be extensively tested for wear and tear to prove manufactured faulty.if its wear and tear as to application of resonable use then the decision of wear and tear is final and no refund will be issued. Please bear in mind that this only applies to New items and NOT graded items, as graded items are sold as used.




Please note that in all circumstances the consumer will bear the cost of returning the goods to us.


When returning:

Goods must be returned along with the original packaging,labels and intact unused.

Goods must be in the same condition as sent, brand new if you bought a brand new item WITHIN 7 working Days.

Goods must be accompanied with a covering letter or note including your full name, address, email, order reference number and the nature of the return.

Failure to provide a covering letter and calling us prior with the required details may lead to delays in dealing with any issues. (you need to call the store first to establish your case)

We advise that all returns are sent via a signature/tracked on receipt service, so that you know when they have arrived. We take no responsibility for any goods that are damaged or lost in the post, whilst being returned to us. NO REFUND OR ACTION WILL BE ISSUED OR UNDERTAKEN UNTIL WE RECIVE THE ITEM, NO EXCEPTIONS.


All items must be returned as purchased the same way they was sent to you they must be unworn and or unused with original labelling and packaging in tact. We do not handle any returns on graded items or any items contrary to the above conditions set.Time limits apply,14 days for online sales and 7 working days for in shop sales.Please in all instances establish your case by calling and comunicating your intentions.


Because purchases are FINAL POST 7 working DAYS in shop and 14 days online, we  encourage you to make an informed decision prior to purchase commitment. You can try and fit all our stock range in our shop. We can also better inform you and direct you on making the right decisions based on your expectations and need.

Your statutory  rights are not affected or hindered. As we are willing to provide a solution to your purchase needs if the said item is not fit for purpose. Fit for purpose implies the purpose to which the item was designed for, not the purpose you envisage to use the items for. We do not warranty or guarantee any items bought from us, any further warranty issues would be taken up with the manufacturer and suppliers whereby there is a case to answer (this only applies to new items purchased).


Return adress:

Aarons surplus Army & NAVY LTD.

43 Upminster road south .


Essex. RM13 9YS



Delivery policies and practices. (Subject to changes intermittently)

We send all our items using Royal Mail signed for services for all parcels weighing under 2KG. Currently we charge £9.99 for anything between 2KG and 5KGkg any more than that we will comunicate the final cost with you and make further arrangments before dispatching the item. Call us for further clarification on this before you purchase. All international post has to be arranged for and concluded before shipping. Please email or contact us for a quote before item purchase.


All items ordered will be packed and dispatched within 1-3 working days, Delivery times generally range between 1-3 Working days. In all cases we will endeavour to exceed your expectations. If you require tracking numbers for your order then please do not hesitate to ask.


*Please note that due to operational costs and overheads some stock items are priced differently in the shop versus our online pricing. In most cases we tend to be slightly cheaper on line .



Goods and description

We describe the goods to the best of our ability, we in no way set out to mislead the customer. Typographical or omission errors may occur in prices, descriptive copy or photography. We reserve the right to correct these errors or withdraw the offer. Specifications, colour's, legal restrictions, prices and availability are subject to change at any time without notice. It may be necessary to substitute an item with a product of equal or better value that varies from our catalogue description.


Buyers Statement

A.S.A.N does not in any way, warrant that you the buyer, can lawfully purchase, posses, carry, use any item which you may order, under any applicable UK, International and/or local laws, that you are of the legal age to purchase these items and that you are not under any legal disability which would in any way effect your ability to lawfully purchase.





If the cadet out grows an item bought from us they can return it to get up to 25% off on the like for like replacement item. The items must be in reusable and in resale graded condition. This is strictly for the cadets only. All clothing items must be washed and pressed and shoes or boots in good usable graded condition must be cleaned and polished. This policy is subject to a short notice withdrawal. We do not buy back cadet gear and we do not swap for other items. This is strictly a cadet only policy. We do not combine the above policy with discounted gear already on sale. This policy is limited to the cadets up to the age of 17. We have the right to refuse to extend this policy at any time we wish or deem it nessary to avoid abuse of policy. Please be advised that this is not a 'buy back' policy in any way shape or form.


For example, If a Cadet purchased a size 9 pair of boots, and 6 months later the cadet grows out of the boots. he can then trade the size 9 boots back to us provided they are in acceptable condition for a size 10 pair of boots for a 25% discount.


Cadet refund policy;

We do not offer or entertain a refund if the cadet gives up or changes their mind. We do not offer refunds on surplus graded used military gear.


We will consider a refund within the limits of our refund policy as stated above I.e.; new in original packaging and unused with labels intact within 7 working days of purchase in store and 14 days on line. New unused items in original packaging only. in all cases evidence of purchase is required.


Although you are buying used graded items your statutory right is not affected within reason. Expectations have to be addressed. You are buying surplus used items and a such, one should address expectations!


We do not buy back or are obligated to buy back any items bought from us if you change your mind or the cadet gives up.


*Notice to Cadet parents and Cadets in general; amended 1/1/2019.


Parents or a legal guardian (18 plus) must be present with a Cadet in order for us to provide a full fit and advice service.


**Please allow up to 50 minutes for a full cadet MTP greens and boot/parade shoe fit service.

Last cadet MTP (greens) and boot fit service is 4:00 PM Daily. Arriving later than that will be problematic as we close at 5:30.


Cadets can; after an initial fit service top up on items without guardians present if fitting is not required. Such as buying twists, socks etc. cadet ID required. No under 18’s allowed in store unaccompanied except for cadet business or transactions or by prior arrangement with parents.


***Cadet uniforms are actually adult sizes, as such we aim to adjust expectations for fitting as they are not availed in small children sizes. Its is critical that you the parent/cadet undersand this. This is a dilemma faced by cadets all over. they do not make kid size official military uniforms.We aim to avail the best fit possible taken availability of stock and cosideration of the aforementioned. please be flexible and adjust expectations. please be aware in some cases you might need to adjust and tailor fit items yourselves for that perfect fit.


Most of our MTP Uniforms and footwear are M.O.D standard issue surplus graded. (used).

All our packages reflected are used graded surplus military standard issue uniforms.

Cadet discounts are 10% off on all footwear or none packaged deal items.

25% off on all returned out of size (out grown items) on replacement on like for like.

Rules apply please check in policies and or call the store for clarification.


Once again ,We do not buy back or refund your cadet items if you decide to give up or outgrow them.

We do not automatically upgrade sizes. you simply have to buy new items and we will offer you 25% off if you trade in a like for like item that meets our standard and policies.



Discount policy .


We at Aaron’s surplus offer discounts to the Cadets ,Military personnel, War veterans , Police officers, NHS staff and Security personnel. We also recognise all the Charitable organisations and in the light of that we offer discounts to the Red Cross , st johns ambulance etc…

We offer 10% automatic discount and upto 15% on spends greater than £250.00



Buying from the general public.

We at  Aarons surplus will exercise caution when buying from the public. We will not purchase any M.o.D item or other if in doubt as to the legal ownership of said items . In case of  members of the public wanting to sell items to us and based on need and or agreement we will look in to the legality factor. A recept will have to be generated and id checked.


* Body armour vests & Helmets .  Original 2011 ,Amended on 1/1/2019.

All Helmets sold in our shop are genuine military helmets and in some cases replica helmets .

We sell our helmets and Body armour  vests as props and or as re-enactment uniform items .

We do not sell them as "Protective safety functional gear". The responsibility is on you the purchaser to buy them as you see fit, However we will stress that we are not selling protective military gear in this store. What we sell to you is fit for display or film props and or re-enactment only albeit most are genuine actual military/ law enforcement issue items. All body armour vests are Expired


Body armour vests and gas masks.

Again we are selling multi layer/single layer surplus used body armour vests in this store and gas masks as props none safety items .

We are not selling ballistic or knife proof/resistant vests. We are selling body armour surplus used and expired vest or similar . And as such our vests are not certified in any manner shape or form, all Helmets/ gas masks, ballistic or similar vests sold are surplus  and expired, fit for collection or display not for safety use what so ever.

All sales of vests or similar are final .The onus is on you to buy our vests as we advertise them (none safety wear).

I.D required to purchase a vest.

we are not selling a safety or military PPE in our store ,they are all sold as props and collectors items.

Any injuries incurred due to wearing our Helmets/gas masks and or expired body armour vests is the responsibility of you the owner and the manufacturer , Not the store or the company . We clearly are informing you this to avoid any confusion and for your safety enhancement.WE ARE NOT SELLING SAFETY MILITARY OR SIMILAR PPE IN THIS STORE.

Store Policies.

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